Looks like the rooftop plan didn’t go too well.

I want to say a quick something about the closing of the Zuda website, consider The Fighting Stranger began there.  I am disappointed to see Zuda lose it’s online presence.  Digital distribution may be the “future” of comics, but I can’t help but to feel that a imprint like Zuda is going to suffer by just going the digital publishing route.

Characters like Superman and Batman can practically sell themselves.  Audiences have known these characters for years through many media outlets besides comic books.  Zuda titles don’t have this advantage at all.  Best chance they have to get new readers is through word of mouth.  Even that now becomes more difficult because, for now at least, Comixology doesn’t have a comments section like the Zuda site had.

I personally feel that Zuda should bring back it’s competition element to bring back the excitement that made them popular to begin with.  Maybe not at the same scale as before, with ten competitors a month.  Perhaps a competition twice a year, featuring three to five competitors with full issues.

With this huge beginning chapter of The Fighting Stranger coming near to the end, as well as Lucky Dawg’s first story arc ending, I will be looking into the world of digital distribution myself.  Both comics will still be here free to read.  I consider the digital way as an enhanced way to view the comics.  You would be able to zoom into panels without losing resolution.  Stuff like that.

Alright, I said this was going to be quick, but here I’m rambling on.  So one last word to the former Zuda creators that unfortunately won’t be allowed to continue their comics with Zuda.  Don’t give up.  Try and continue making the comics that people obviously wanted to see in the first place.  The Fighting Stranger came in 8th place in it’s competition month and here it remains stronger than ever.  Keep creating, you deserve to.

Art by Juan Romera
Letters & written by Adam J. Monetta